OUR drink

With the concept of DECK ONE ALL DAY EATERY, our bar operates fully throughout the day, offering a variety of beverages, including tea, coffee, alcohol, or refreshing drinks for all visitors. Deck One’s coffee beans are 100% Brazilian coffee beans that we have carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and delicious taste. We also serve freshly squeezed fruit juices without any additives, providing natural vitamins from fruits. In addition, we offer fruit smoothies and various blended drinks to keep you refreshed all day. Furthermore, Deck One offers cocktails and mocktails, with our bartenders adding unique menu items exclusively available at Deck One. Moreover, Deck One presents premium wines from various countries, allowing you to enhance your dining experience at Deck One, where we are dedicated to serving you better.


Iced Latte
Hot Latte


Thai Ice Tea
Flower Tea
Lotus / Blooming / Rose / Water Lily /
White Chrysanthemum / Imperail Chrysanthemum


Morning Sun
Peach, Orange Juice, Passion Fruit
White Citrus
Espresso, Milk, Orange jam, Vanilla
Mulberry juice, Honey, Vanilla, Lime juice, egg white
Lemonade Honey Comb
Lemonade, Honey, Soda


Chumcha (Rain Tree)
Nai Farang
Lady Mamia
(Mulberry juice, Honey, Vanilla, Lime juice, egg white)
Ei Nai Jao
(Mulberry juice, Honey, Vanilla, Lime juice, egg white)
Deck No.1
(Mulberry juice, Honey, Vanilla, Lime juice, egg white)