Giant raintree

This 130-year-old Raintree was planted by the Bombay Burma Company, a British forestry company, around 1893.
The Raintree releases water mist and provides a cooling effect to combat the warm temperatures of Thailand.
However, over the years, it has leaned over the Ping River in its current location.


Deck One’s architecture draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the Ping River and its surroundings, including a magnificent Raintree believed to be over 130 years old, which has been a longstanding companion of Deck One for many years. The structure is designed as a glass house with extended air-conditioned sections along the riverfront. Furthermore, the deck seating allows customers to enjoy the shade of the Raintree while savoring the menu offerings at Deck One.

With the concept of DECK ONE ALL-DAY EATERY, we have seamlessly integrated a full-service bar that caters
to the desires of customers who are enchanted by various beverages. The space around Deck One’s bar stands out
with high-quality coffee machines and exceptional ingredients ready to mix into extraordinary drinks for all customers.
Additionally, we offer a variety of seating options to ensure your dining experience is comfortable at all times.